girl cleaning the kitchen

How to clean a refrigerator

Golf clubs

If you don’t feel like cleaning your golf club after each hole at least do it after each game. It is a pretty simple cleaning process all you will need is some dishwashing soap, some water, and a brush or towel.

Try not to get leather grips overly wet. Use a towel or damp cloth to wipe away dirt or grime. After that make sure to dry the clubs afterward with a clean and dry towel.

Hair Dryers

The first step to cleaning your hair dryer is to wipe the exterior with a damp cloth to remove all the dust. For cleaning stubborn dirt you want to use a sudsy cloth or sponge and try and wipe all of that dirt off. Remove lint and hair from the front with a soft dry brush. It is best if you don’t clean the grilles with water or soap unless the grilles are removable. To avoid any shocks always make sure that the hair dryer is unplugged. And never submerge a hair dryer in water.

Garden Tools

While gardening try not to take mud instead leave it on the ground where it is supposed to go. Soil holds moisture which can cause rust and shortens the tools’ life span. While cleaning use rust protectant like WD-40. This is especially important for cutting tools such as tools like shears and pruning saws. This also goes for tools that won’t be used in a while. Before using digging tools, if the soil is relatively dry, work the tool in and out a few times.

Refrigerator and Freezers

Try giving you refrigerator a thorough clean about once a month. Try doing it when you food supply is low. Get rid of all spoiled food. Take out all removable parts to wash them with warm and soapy water. Also wipe the inside walls of the refrigerator using a solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and I quart of warm water. After that rinse it thoroughly and dry it. Try wiping all jars and other containers.

Also try cleaning other compartment weekly so that it won’t be hard to clean it later on.