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Attics and Asphalt stains


Attics are most likely to have pests. To prevent having pests set up some traps.

Make sure to keep your attic area organized and clean. Some tips before cleaning your attic is to make sure that the floors are stable and sturdy.

Just make sure to fix it or don’t go up there at all.

When you go up to your attic there are some items you might want to bring along with you. Those items should include a mask, a flashlight and a new light bulb if the one you have added in your attic is old.

If you are headed up to the attic to clean.

make sure you pace yourself since attics can get pretty hot. Bring cool drinks and maybe even a portable fan.


 Asphalt is pretty tough and durable. Removing stains isn’t as easy as you think. When it comes to asphalt receiving bad stains the top two options are either living with it or having to resurfacing it. 

Technique: To help prevent less dirt and grime outside from having a basketball court or driveway. Having a hose with a good nozzle will help a lot. 

Speed tips: If you’ve accidentally spilled paint on asphalt react quickly and clean it up. Remember your top two choices are either living with it or resurfacing it. If you catch latex paint it seeps in, it may be easily removed with plenty of water and with the previous method. Oil based paint is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Caution: Use cleaning solution sparingly. Anything you use inevitably wash its way to the yard. When cleaning asphalt, avoid use petroleum based product. Asphalt is an oil based product. The cleaner will cut through the asphalt like it would cut through the stain.

Asphalt stains

To remove a fresh asphalt stain, use a cloth sprayed with WD-40. To prevent making stains worse. Test clean a small portion of anything you are trying to clean. Make sure to always read product labels to prevent any dangerous situations to happen.