How to start cleaning

You might know how to start cleaning but, you also have to know how to keep it that way.

  • Don’t waste time on distractions such as your phone or the tv. It will only keep you from cleaning.
  •   Work you way from one room to another. For example if you vacuum one room move to the other so that you don’t have to vacuum it again.

Take all cleaning tools with you because you waste I ever every time you stop to pick something. 

If you are a professional cleaner chose a good helper to help you out. You have to have a reliable cleaning buddy. The better you know them the better cleaning buddy they make. They have to be trustworthy.

They have to have at least one of these skills to be a good cleaning buddy.

They have to be ready to clean

They need to now at least 7 cleaning skills

They have to be trustworthy and reliable

You can have interesting games to make cleaning fun. Most of the time you can play this with your family. It is called The Pickup Game.

It can be used to improve cleaning skills. It will help maintain order in your home. It is more of a set of rules then a game. It is used because it is very important to keep your home and for everyone to take part in cleaning their home.

Make this rule number one in your house. Don’t put it down put it away

Rule number 2 you make the mess you pick it up

Rule number 3 Don’t do it later do it now

These three rules can really help improve the way you or others in your home clean your home.