Wooden Boats and Fiberglass Boats cleaning

Wooden Boats
Start off by getting a bucket of fresh water and mild soap. First soap the boat down thoroughly with a sponge. After make sure to rinse off all the soap using generous amounts of fresh water. Some wooden bots are painted which means you are just cleaning paint which also means solvents are out. Soap and Water is the best routine/cleaning tools. If you want to clean crusted out dirt that our sponge isn’t able to clean try using Scotch-Brite pads, don’t use anything more abrasive because it will damage the surface.

                               Fiberglass Boats
You will need soap and water to start off with. If that doesn’t work in cleaning tough dirt or oily stains try using mineral spirits. Apply it sparingly on a soft cloth. After that rinse it thoroughly. Try not using acetone or lacquer thinner. The reason for this is because both of the materials can damage fiberglass.

                      Vinyl-Covered Boats
Use soap and water to clean and rinse. After soap and water go after grime with alcohol. Denatured alcohol will clear mildew away without damaging the material. For stubborn stains apply a little acetone. A heavy use of acetone or other solvents is going to weaken the foam core and will remove some of the vinyl skin.

Smooth the bone with a knife or any other material that may do the trick. Wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth or a cotton swab. Bone carvings should be dusted with a paint brush. Do not use cloth or cotton swabs on carvings. You can vacuum bone pieces instead of dusting (to speed up the process).