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How to clean Bathroom rugs

Bathroom rugs

Terry bathroom rugs can usually be washed in the washer machine with other towels. It is best to read the cleaning instructions because there may be some things you don’t know. Usually only rugs that don’t have latex backing may be washed in the washing machine (with similarly colors). Mats that do have latex backing should be washed separately and put out to air dry. 

Caution: a rug with deep color should always be washed before the first use to prevent color from bleeding onto your feet or even the floor. Always wash it first to make sure it docent bleed through any other carpets. 


Cleaning bathtubs can be pretty was to clean and the best part is the you don’t have to clean it daily but if not weekly. We recommend trying to clean your bathtub once a week with a sponge rinsed with water and whatever cleaning spray or soap you are comfortable using to clean your bathtub. Bon Ami is a good bathtub cleaner. It acts as a polisher as well as a good cleaner.


Try avoiding abrasive cleansers, pads, or brushes. The reason for this is that it may scratch your surface. Do not use acetone, ethyl, or alcohol to clean fiberglass tubs. They will damage the fiber glass finish. Never use steel wood instead of a nylon brush to scrub non-slip surfaces.


You can clean a reed basket in the sink using the spray attachment. Or you can take it outside, spray it, and wash it down with a hose. Use a little miles detergent with a soft bristle brush to scrub away serious stains. Leave the basket out to air dry. If not leave out in the sun to dry.