cleaning smart

Smart Cleaning

Little changes to your daily routine can speed up your cleaning by preventing your house from getting dirty in the first place. Don’t wait to clean because then you will just make a cluster of things you need to do. Don’t make excuse for distractions because you will only be affecting yourself and the way you clean your home.
For example if you have dirty dishes don’t wait to clean them after because you will just keep piling dirty dishes in your dishwasher. Start by making a clean break from messy habitats.

What that means is instead of having a dirty home take the time to clean it to make it a home for others and yourself. Work on things that don’t generate filth in your home. Take at least 10 to 15 minutes to clean. Make a schedule to keep your cleaning organized. For example look at how you want to clean on specific days. If you do this you’ll have time to clean your home and have time for yourself.

If you have a cluster of dirty things you need to clean it is important for you to take breaks.

Take 5 to 10 minute breaks. One thing you should keep in mind is to get right on task with what you need to clean. For example.

  • One example is if you haven’t cleaned your bathroom you should get right on task because you might not want to do it later. Spray the bathtub, shower the walls, shower the tiles, shower the doors, and don’t just wet them. Wash them with soap and make sure to clean it right so that there is no leftover bacteria.
  • If you are working on your kitchen spray the sink, clean the counter, and clean the stove. Again make sure to clean with soap so that all bacteria is gone.
  • if you are working on your bathroom The first thing you wanna do is clean the toilet bowl And flush, Make sure you clean the toilet seats, spray them with a disinfectant cleaner, clean the tank base, clean the handle, and any other exposed pipes.
  • make sure to also clean or do the simple stuff such as emptying the trash, sweeping the floor, vacuuming the floor, and mopping the floor. That is also very important.

The basics of efficient cleaning are to keep yourself sane and to make maximum use of your cleaning time, cleaning pros recommend that you follow the guidelines shown below.

One. Keep your cleaning supplies together. Before you start, gather your equipment and cleaning products and load them in a tray or any other portable container. If you do that you won’t waste time by having to run from room to room for supplies.

Two. Don’t waste time cleaning things that aren’t dirty. You will only waste energy and part of your cleaning products if you’re cleaning something that is already clean.  Focus on your main goal which is cleaning things that are meant to be cleaned.

Three. Wear appropriate clothes. For example don’t use heels and a dress to clean. Wear comfortable clothes that will help you get through your cleaning faster and easier. The reason you should wear appropriate clothing is because if you don’t you would waste more time cleaning.

Four. Don’t scrub let the cleaning solution you’re using do the work for you. You do have to scrub to help the cleaning solution do its job but don’t spend your time scrubbing really hard.

Five. Less is more. Don’t use more cleaning supplies that you need. Using too much can be a waste of money. It also means more time spent mopping or cleaning up the excess.

Use these steps to help you clean better than you are already doing.