"I used to use a different cleaning service and all they did was vacuum sweep and mop they didn’t even clean my bathroom mirrors or clean my room or living room, it was a nightmare, but then I paired up with first choice and they cleaned everything. Not only did they do an amazing job at cleaning my home but they were punctual and friendly. Thank you so much."
Dmitriy K.
"Five stars forFirst Choice! I came home from a long day of work to see that my house is clean and neat. I am very satisfied with the deep cleaning of first choice. I have 3 kids and am always careful of what they use and what they around I had forgotten to ask first Choice to use my cleaning supplies, but I noticed that they were already using eco friendly and non toxic cleaning supplies. Thank you First Choice for making my day less stressful."
Karen P.
"I don’t usually like cleaning services but when I saw my apartment cleaned and neat I was very satisfied. Not only did they do an amazing job at cleaning my apartment, but they used fair prices. They also used very good cleaning products. They even cleaned the ceiling fan. They were very kind and positive Five stars for you First Choice!"
Ramiro V.
"Amazing job! Setting up and getting quote was easy. They returned my call immediately. Laura arrived on time. She was friendly and flexible with her team to have cleaners staying almost all day instead of 4 hours. My house was more dirty than I expected. I’m impressed with her professionalism and how promptly they cleaned. I recommend this service for everyone who wants to see home sparkling. Definitely going to use this company again. Thank you Cleaning Choice for being so easy to work with. "
Valery F.
"This is the best cleaning company I have used to clean my house. The cleaners are very professional and punctual they were very patient when I was the one running late. I am impressed with how well they have cleaned. My husband is very glad that I am having more time to relax and spend time with him instead of cleaning before our baby is born."
Amy C.
"We have been using First Choice as our cleaning service bi-weekly for about three months and I am really impressed with Laura and her professional cleaning team they arrived on time and were very friendly. I was very happy with their cleaning. I have a 7 year old son and he was very happy when he came home from school and saw his room clean and all his toys picked up and organized. I will definitely keep contacting First Choice as my cleaning service! "
Meredith J.

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