Organize your room

Protect your valuables with the right storage

Since we have already talked about how to store our items in places we will remember. Keep in mind that we also have to protect valuables with the right storage. Some things that need protection can be valuables Such as money, family heirlooms, precious objects, or important papers. You have to be cautious to keep all your valuables safe and one container won’t do the trick. Many people have had important things stolen from them due to not having good protection for their valuables. Do not worry we will make sure that you have good protection for your valuables.

An easy way to store photos is to please them loose in 3 x 5“ or 4 x 6“ index card files. You can use the dividers to mark the dates. Be careful when you place your photos in albums because they can damage your photographs. The cardboard backing in magnetic photo albums can see in the photo, and the adhesive me permanently bond The photo to the page. Some plastics give up gases that harm the photos.

If you’re short on closet space, you might be putting the out of season closing in another area of the house. But beware and make sure to always clean the clothing before you store it. Residue from spill such as beverages containing sugar, can and will discolor with age and create a permanent stain. Spoiled clothing is also more likely to attract pests such as months and carpet beetles not only those creatures but cockroaches and many others. Make sure you also clean the space you are going to place your clothes in. Make sure to give it a good wash with detergent so that there’s no residue and left over bacteria. Avoid putting your clothes in leather or suede in plastic. The lack of air circulation will cause it to dry out and lose color. 

To protect important papers and documents from deft, fire, or natural disaster, your master plan should include a safe or a bank safe deposit box, a fireproof strong box, and a file drawer or cabinet in your home with a built in keyhole. In the safe you can store birth certificates and other certificates, marriage license, stocks and bonds, legal documents, Deed, military papers, passports, pension and any other important items. Make sure to always keep important documents safe.