I little bit of history about Poway, California…

On December 1, 1980 Poway community became a city. The name of Poway comes from native Americans. In documents of the mission of San Diego, it recorded the name of the valley as “Paguay”.

In 1859 Philip Crosthwaite built an adobe house and after that more and more settlers came to live in Poway. 

In 1769 the first Post office was opened and in 1950 the growth of the town started. 

In 1971, a dam was built and that is how the beautiful Lake Poway started to provide residents with a permanent source of water. 

The oak tree became a logo of “City in the Country” because over 200 years the oak tree was growing south of Twin Peaks Road. 

Here are some of my favorite locations in Poway:

Starridge Park

Aubrey Park

Poway Community Park

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Lake  Poway

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