Paint Brushes Cleaning methods

Blood Stains
Blood the stain with cool water. After the blood it with mild dishwashing detergent. Flush it thoroughly with water. If the stain persist mix the detergent and water with some drops of ammonia. Once you are done doing that flush it thoroughly with water. If the fabric is colorfast and the stain won’t go away, soak it in enzyme-containing product such as Shout. Once again flush it with water. If that still doesn’t work try blotting the stain with bleach containing hydrogen peroxide. Do not use laundry detergent because it may contain brighteners.

                           Paint Brushes
Cleaning methods for paint brushes really depend on the pain you use. Regardless of the paint, a good cleaning tool is a brush comb. A brush comp fits right in between the bristles and can help you clean it correctly with ought having leftover dry paint. If you don’t want to get a brush comb you can use a wire instead. For example, if your brush starts to gunk up you can just run your comb or wire through the bristles to rid them of the gunk.

                                       Butcher Block
You want to start off by using a steel scraper to scrape off any leftover scraps of food. Once you are done use a cloth to brush away remaining particles/food. After that use a sponge or cloth and dip it into hot water and soap and start scrubbing the surface of the wood. Then rinse your cloth or sponge thoroughly with water, wring it out and scrub again. After that use a dry cloth to go over the surface until it is dry.