Organize your room

On top of cleaning

Fire place

Help clean your fire place by removing the ashes when the pile gets as high as the grate.  It insulates the floor, helping the fire box retain the heat and keeping coals burning longer. To remove ashes wait at least two days after your last fire to make sure that the coals are cool. You may want to set aside the screen, andirons, and the grate. Using a broom and shovel you want to sweep up the rest of the ashes and put them in a metal bucket. Empty the ashes in a metal trash can with a lid. If you have an ash pit dump the ashes in there. Please do not vacuum the ashes because the vacuum will release the ashes into the air.

Dish Washers

To clean dishwashers you can use a sponge. Add a little bit of liquid soap and water to your sponge, remember don’t use anything too harsh. After that you want to use the sponge and clean then you want to wet the sponge and go over the exterior again. For cake on grime use glass cleaner and spray it on the sponge rather than directly onto the dishwasher. The reason for that is because the liquid could work its way onto the console and damage the electronics.

Fishing Gear

After you use your rod and real wash it with water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe off dirt, fish slime, and salt. After you do that you want to let it dry. And there you have it a nice clean 


One of the easiest and effective ways to clean glass is by using newsprint and a glass cleaner, such as windex, or 1/4 cup of vinegar and warm water to a spray bottle. Newsprint works best because it leaves no traces of lint. Make sure to also clean the underside of glass tabletops because they can also get very dirty.