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Let’s talk about the floors of your home. I mean we use it to walk and place items on it. The real question is how do we clean it right? Or how do we clean it better? We all know that you can of course mop your floors. Of course the right way to clean it is with warm water and soap. 

Now let’s talk about your Acoustical tiles. Obviously you don’t walk on it because we have laws of gravity. Even though you don’t walk on it, it can get very very dirty. The foes are cigars, cigarette smoke, cooking vapors, and many other airborne contaminants. These things will most likely soil your light colored tiles. What this means is that dark moldy patches will start forming on the tiles causing the tiles not only to get dark but, also very dirty. Cleaning have to be done gently or the tiles can fall or get scraped.

TECHNIQUE: Most acoustical tiles are made of highly porous, absorbent fiber, so washing them with water wouldn’t be much of an option. Rub the dark moldy areas with a putty wallpaper cleaner called Absorene or a foam rubber wall cleaning sponge.

Wall cleaning sponges are available hardware stores, janitorial supply stores, and paint stores. You can use kitchen sponges but they wouldn’t be much use because they will smear the mess instead of rubbing it away or cleaning it right. To remove remaining grime, use an acoustical tile cleaner that can incorporate bleach. This/These are available at janitorial supply stores.

WARNING: Remember to always read labels/ instructions because you might miss out on important information about the item. A serious injury, mess, or problem can happen if there is something you don’t know about the item.

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