No Fleas, No Spiders

The first thing you want to do is monitor your pets daily for fleas. It is most important to do it after long walks or visits to another pets house. When you are checking your pet, make sure to check on the neck and tail area. Keep a container with soapy water next to you to drown the fleas. If the number of fleas increases you should start your flea control program. This means you should start bathing you dog more often, cleaning the bed or house (pet’s house). If you decide to get a new bed choose a washable pet bedding. If the infestation is severe, you may want to start sprinkling borate powder onto your carpet. Flea busters works good. Carefully sprinkle the powder onto the carpet. It is best to wear a mask and a pair of gloves. To rub it in use a broom. And when it comes to cleaning your pets use a shampoo that contains pyrethrum. Make sure to take safety precautions if you have children.

Rodents are thieves and they are most likely not going to be wanted in your home. Many rodents can actually have rabies. Rabies are no good to anybody. It is also not good to have the around if you have children. If you want to kill rodents, traps will do the trick. Glue traps cause slow deaths and if you have pets and children they might want to touch it and that won’t end well. We recommend snap back traps, they are the most common and probably more effective.

Spiders are also one of the most unwanted creatures in your home. Many spiders cause no damage to your belongings instead they feed on the insects that do. Although there are good spiders there are also bad ones such as the Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and the HOBO. They have venom that can make humans go very sick. To prevent having more spiders in your home crush egg sacks, destroy spider webs, and kill or release the spiders you encounter. If you encounter a spider grab a cup, trap the spider, slide a piece of paper under, and release it outside. To kill the spider step on them, caecum them, or use a newspaper and hit it so that it dies. If you would like to identify the spider you killed place the remains in rubbing alcohol.