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Air Cleaners

Mechanical air cleaners can include tabletop and floor models .

As well as larger filters that operate in conjunction with central heating an air conditioning systems. They come in two general types filtered and ionizers. Mechanical filters, also known as HEPA filters, are generally more effective than ionizers. HEPA filters are known for being the most efficient mechanical filters.

for removing particles that can be breathe deep into your lungs. They draw air from a room through a series of filters, then expelling clean air back into the room.

 Many air cleaners need to be cleaned. The way you can do that is by easily grabbing a disinfecting wipe or by simply wetting a towel with water and soap.

If your filter is very dirty it can get moldy and nasty. But again that depends on how dirty your filter is. Some filters can be less dirty than thought of.Filters trap pollen, animal hair, dust, dust mites, mold spores, and many more.

People never realized that there can be many benefits for haven an air filter.

Many can also produce carbon filters to reduce the amount of room odors. HEPA filters are less effective at removing gasses than the particles in the air. 

Now let’s talk about Ionizers, they are portable devices that charge particles floating in the air so that they stick to walls, floors, drapes, etc. They do that to remove them from the air you breathe. The problem with Ionizers is that they only move them away (stick them to places).

Meaning if you bump Ito a place that the particles are stuck to they will be released back into the air. Ionizers don’t really try hard enough to remove gases from the air. Ventilation and source control are superior for gasses. Many Ionizers can emit ozone meaning it will most likely add to air quality problems in your home.

We know, we know plants bring in a lot of decoration from the outdoors into your home. Although it looks nice the soil from your plants can most likely provide a breeding ground for microorganisms that will wind up in your air. Some things that look nice and harmless can have its own twist.