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Let’s clean the kitchen and toilet

Toaster Ovens
The firstling you want to do is empty the crumb tray regularly to avoid a fire hazard. You should also wipe any food spills with a cloth. To remove baked on crud you can use a nylon scrubber and sudsy water. When it comes to cleaning the glass door do not use spray glass cleaner. Instead use a nylon pad and sudsy water. The exterior should be cleaned with a damp sponge. Stubborn spots can be removed with baking soda. AVOID harsh abrasives! It can damage the finish. Always make sure to have the oven unplugged while you clean it. You also want to make sure to remove all of your tools used to clean the oven, and take them out for safety reasons.

Make sure the toaster is cool. If it’s not, unplug it and let it cool for a while. Once it is cool empty the crumb tray. If there are stubborn crumbs feel free to use a thin brush to scrub the away/off. Once you are done, wipe the tray with a damp cloth. If you use your toaster everyday, you should probably clean it once every week.  To clean the outside of your toaster, you should use a sponge and some baking soda. Or a cloth damped in window cleaner.  Wipe plastic slides toasters with dishwashing detergent or baking soda and water.

The first thing you want to do Is drain the water out of you bowl. Then use a small brush and liquid cleanser that contains bleach, and add you cleanser and start scrubbing to get all the bacteria off. Make sure you scrub everywhere, including under the rim because it is most likely where most of the bacteria is sitting. Once you have done that flush the toilet one more time and boom you have a clean toilet.