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Storing smart

To maximize the storage potential of your home, plan your space with the following tips in mind. Store objects that are similar next to each other. This is basic Organization that will not waste time by having you search for the missing items. Store your items in a secure place.

Keep them somewhere you remember. For example, if you put your art supplies in the technology box where you keep cables and other forms of technology you might have to sort through the box and waste time defined your specific art supply. Instead put your art supplies in a specific box and in a specific place so that you don’t have to sort through stuff and waste time looking for it. Another example is having lots of phone cases and storing them in your dogs clothes. It will be hard to find because you wouldn’t expect having phone cases in a drawer or box of dog clothes.

Just remember to keep your items in a secure place.

Keep your items where you will be able to find them.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is to store your items where they will be used. Don’t ask yourself about we’re putting specific items. Instead tell your self were they most likely will be used. It wouldn’t make sense for you to put items you wouldn’t use them. Keep in mind that you are not the only one using those items. It might be difficult for others to locate items that are far away from where they should be used. If you have trouble telling which items are which or in which box or drawer specific items are in. Than you can just label the box or drawer.

One last thing you should keep in mind is that the more often you something, the easier it should be for you to reach. Examples, if you have toothbrushes you are not going to be putting them in the kitchen you are of course going to put them in the bathroom because that is where you brush your teeth. Another example if you can’t tell which box the cookie cutters are in you could label it saying “cookie cutters.”. Another example is if you use paint to paint your canvas often don’t put your art supplies in a far back spot on the cabinet instead put it somewhere you could be able to reach it quickly and easily.

Label your supplies containers.

Keep the items you often use somewhere you can easily reach them.