Keep your artifacts clean and safe

When it comes to old antiques you have to be extra careful on how you care for them or clean them. Keeping antiques safe means keeping them away from harm. I mean you can’t clean antiques if you no longer have them. You shouldn’t clean your antiques aggressively because it is most likely to wipe away its importance. All you really want to do is wipe it gently to add the shine it needs wether it is gold, silver, or bronze. A tip you can use is to wipe or rub it with a pice of cloth or fiber. It is best to keep it out of children’s reach. Keep it in a glass and away from any materials that may mean harm.

You don’t want to take your antique out of its rightful spot too much because it may break or any other incidents can happen.  Make sure to be responsible with the artifact. Use reasonable cleaning materials to clean your artifact. One wrong move and you can destroy it. 

You also want to keep it away from other peoples reach. If you hand it to others another incident can happen. It is easy to keep it not to get it. Be cautious of the way you Clean your artifact because you can ruin the whole thing. 

Your artifact shall not be exposed to danger. Especially unknown chemicals. Make sure to always read the labels/instructions of the chemicals you clean it with because you may be surprised of the consequences.

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If you have others help clean your artifact/antique make sure to either give them advice on how to clean them or set specific rules that contain chemicals that won’t harm your antique but clean it.

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