How to clean Decks

In order to achieve that new and clean looking deck, we recommend getting rid of dirt and grime first. In order to do so sweep regularly, not only will you achieve having a new looking deck but you will also have a longer lasting one too. You also want to make sure to sweep or hose large debris off your deck occasionally. Make sure to keep in mind that the longer decaying leaves or sticks sit on the wood surface of deck, there is much more of a possibility that you will have stained wood. Twice a year give your deck a light cleaning process using warm water and a couple squirts of liquid dishwashing detergent, along with a stiff bristle brush to scrub with. We also recommend giving your deck a more thorough cleaning using a two step scrubbing process once a year. We would like to add that power spraying can often damage wood decks.  

                  Deodorant Stains
Some deodorant stains can be worse than others depending on the type of deodorant you use. Deodorant stains will turn yellow, but if left untreated they WILL become permanent. For washables you can add liquid laundry detergent directly on to the stain. You can also apply granular detergent and water if you don’t have liquid laundry detergent. Lay your material onto a hard surface and lightly pat the stain with the back of a spoon. It is important to not rub any materials together because that can cause the fibers to abrade. The next step is to add your fabric in a washer machine or wash it by hand with the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. If your fabric/garment is bleachable, try adding color-safe bleach and then chlorine bleach (they both work against deodorant stains). If so far none of the methods you have tried worked, try to take your garment to the dry cleaners (dry cleaning works well on deodorant stains).

Dish Drainers
A dirty dish drainer defeats its purpose. In order to maintain a clean dish drainer soak the the drainer in a sink filled with hot water, a squirt of liquid dishwashing detergent, and a tablespoon of liquid household bleach. Once you have completed that step clan off any deposits with a sponge soaked in the same solution. Keep in mind to wear protective gear when cleaning with bleach and hot water. Not to mention that it is important to read any product labels to ensure you’re and others safety.

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