Have you ever clean the books?

To remove food or fingerprint smudges on the cover of a book use a damp sponge or cloth and start cleaning the book. For smudges on paperbacks use a very soft eraser and rub gently. Go extra gently on colored paper to make sure you don’t rub off some color. You can dust to remove any dirt/dust or carefully vacuum the book to make sure you don’t damage any of the pages. If you want a nice clean looking bookshelf use a vacuum with the soft brush attachment to clean the spine’s of the books. After that slightly dust the top and edges of the books so you don’t cause any damage to the tops.

Brocade is a fabric that has been decorated with a raised woven design. Brocade fabrics range from silk to synthetic materials and may be used for clothing drapery and upholstery. To clean brocade it is best to leave it u to the professionals. Use a vacuum with the soft brush attachment to lightly clean it. Let your dry cleaners’ know if it is a family heirloom.

It is pretty easy to clean bronze you just need to be gentle and careful to not scratch the surface. The first thing you want to do is dust. You can do this by using an old but clean cloth to rid your bronze of dust. If grime formed on your bronze damp a piece of cloth before rubbing the piece. Make sure to dry the object right away to prevent water spots. Make sure to lacquered to protect it from oxidation. If you already have it lacquered wait for it to wear away