How to clean oil based paint

Oil Based Paint
When you finished painting swish the brush in a pan of recommended solvent or thinner such as one that contain MEK until clean. Once you have done that rinse with water and a little bit of soap powder, then rinse clean. After you have done that you want to hang and dry. If you need a break from painting you can wrap your paintbrush carefully with aluminum foil and stick it in the freezer to keep it from drying out. Never store a brush on its bristles. Don’t throw away paint thinner after just one use. The reason for this is because it can still clean up to 10 brushes.

                            Latex Paint
As you would expect latex is easier to clean from brushes than oil based paint. Use a synthetic brush when you wait with latex. Natural hair bristles are too absorbent and will become soft and mushy with water based paint.  When you are finished painting, hold the brush under running tap water. Work your hands through the bristles until it is clean. You can also swish it under a bucket of water. When the brush is clean you can spin ti dry.

True cameos are carved shell. If your cameo is an antique it should be cleaned lightly and with care. Rub the cameo with a damp cloth to remove any dust or light dirt. If the item has a stain and is prized take it to a conservator. For cameos avoid using cleaning solvents. Don’t confuse cameos with ivory pieces.