green cleaning

Getting clean staying green

Many households contain dozens of chemical products that have the potential to pollute our earth. That is why the best choice for us is to use eco-friendly cleaning products. The average American household generates about 15 pounds of hazardous waste each year and may have more than 100 pounds of it stored away at any one time. Cleaners are in the worst of the household polluters. They rank fourth, behind maintenance items like paint, batteries, and personal care products such as hairspray and deodorant. But cleaners do account for more than 10% of all hazardous waste generated per year per household.

Mini household cleaners, and the amounts normally used. Can be safely wash down the drain if you are served by either eight municipal sewer system or a septic system. There’s a place to dishwashing and laundry products, bleachers, toilet bowl cleaners, and all purpose cleaners. But large quantities can overload either system to the point that it’s treatments does not meet specific water quality standards. When it is released into lakes, rivers, and streams.

If you cannot recycle or are you such a product, store it until you can dispose of it through household hazardous waste collection programs, which are periodic opportunity to take ways to a central location where they are sorted and then recycled or sent to an appropriate disposal site. When you want to dispose of solvent-based materials leave them sealed.

Here are some tips to use chemical products less than usual. Buy versatile cleaners. Contrary to what manufactures wants you to believe, you do not need a different product to clean each surface in your home. The reason is because that would be a waste of money and a waste of your time. So if you value your time and money make sure to use this tip.

Take it easy. By the least harmful product available. Learn to identify hazardous products from their labels. For example if a product is labeled warning or caution make sure to read the instructions. How it was made to see the things you have to be aware about.