Have you ever clean Leather, Plastic, And Rubber Balls

Leather, Plastic, And Rubber Balls
Many balls such as soccer balls or volleyballs are not made of rubber. Most of them are made of synthetic materials. Most of those Materials such as polyvinyl chloride can be easily cleaned. These types of balls should be cleaned with mild soap, such as ivory, and water. You can use a regular dry towel to dry them. You can clean rubber balls, such as basketballs the same way. When it comes to cleaning leather balls a quick brushing will do the trick. You can use a horse hair type of brush that is found in leather goods store’s. If you have a muddy ball it should be dry completely before being brushed.
Leather balls should not be washed and do not need to be coated with leather protectants. The reason for this is because they are made  for heavy outdoor use.

                 Aluminum And Wood Bats
In order to clean a wooden bat you will need water, you want to rinse your bat and dry it immediately before it soaks into the wood. If you would like to add an extra shine feel free to add floor wax made for wood floors. Use a clear floor wax if your bat has a clear finish. To wash an aluminum bat use soap and water rubber grips can be cleaned/scrubbed with a wet bristle brush. Do not brush LEATHER grips. Instead ice it with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleansers or pads because it will mar the surface of your aluminum and wooden bat.