We all need a touch of decoration for our home. Something that will bring the looks of your home together. For most people an aquarium brings the joy into their home. Although it might be beautiful and creative we do have to warn you that an aquarium is an inherently unnatural environment for fish. If you would like to reduce their stress level you should try to compensate by making sure most or all stuff put or added in their tank is natural.

Technique: If you would like to clean an aquarium that hasn’t been used in a while we recommend having it cleaned with a solution of one teaspoon aquarium salt (it has to be nonionized) to a 1/2 gallon of water. We recommend using a clean soft cloth to wipe the aquarium with the solution. After you have finished wiping the aquarium rinse it thoroughly (plain water). Please remember to do this even if the aquarium is new. 

Tips: Some tips to having a healthy fish is by not having any stress caused to it. A nice clean aquarium will reduce stress that the fish has or had. Keep in mind that fish can have stress caused by many different things. One of the main problems that cause fish to have stress is a dirty home so make sure to clean out your fish tank to reduce the stress level of the fish. 

Caution: please be aware of the fact that fish HATE soap. If you are using soap to clean an aquarium please make sure there is no soap left over. Even little traces of soap could be enough to stress or even sicken your fish. One piece of advice, DON’T use soap to clean an aquarium. Use our easy safe solution! Don’t even use cloth that you has soap on it. 

Non cleaning tips: Be aware that another main stress source is kids or people that are attracted to the fish tapping or hitting their fish tank or bowl.