cleaning motivation

Cleaning Motivation

If you wanna know how to motivate yourself to clean, you first have to see what motivates you to clean. Have you taken on any big challenges of cleaning?when do you decide to clean. Do you decide to clean when the sink is full of dirty dishes? Or do you decide to clean after you are done eating? Just letting you know that the faster you get things done the faster you can do what you want or need.

The problem with cleaning messes is that you aren’t motivated to clean a mess until it grows bigger and you can’t take it. You see if you do that instead of controlling the house-work the house-work controls you. You need to find something that motivates you to clean whether it is seeing the before and after, or making someone happy, or even for listening to music. Trust us it takes a lot of motivation to clean a house and keep it clean. We understand that some people want a clean home but don’t know how to start. Well luckily we will show you and guide you. 

First off you want to schedule when and what you are going to do.

Second you want to get it done.

If you have a family you can schedule when and what they can do once a week or every day such as washing the dishes, vacuuming the living room, or taking out the trash.

The last step to having a clean home is to keep your schedule organized and follow what it says when you have to.

Like we said if you have little ones you have to be specific and introduce the task and tell them what needs to be done and how. You can set a time limit of when the task has to be done. It will help keep everything organized. For example taking out the trash should be done at 5:30 o’ clock. You don’t want the time to be late at night or to early in the morning because the little ones need rest and safety. You have to explain how the job needs to be done. For example does washing the dishes mean just rinsing them with water? You have to be specific of how the job should be done.

Mix the jobs occasionally because kids can get bored with the same task. So make sure to keep them happy and entertained with their task. Also be fair with jobs you give them. For example don’t give a seven year old the task of throwing the trash away because it may be a bit heavy. Always supervise those under the age of 10.

Give your children a prize for every task they get done. For example an allowance, treats, time, attention, family time, or any other thoughts.

Never give up work your way up. Remember we don’t believe in cleaning secrets only cleaning solutions.