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Combating allergies

Are you one of the of million Americans who suffer from allergies? Don’t you have to put up with the sneezing and itching and all the other symptoms of allergies? The most common allergy triggers are found in the home in house dust. Which is made up of human skin particles, animal dander, and molds. Dust mites and cockroaches also produce allergic reactions. Symptoms may include a blocked or runny nose with sneezing especially in the morning. Many people also have a watery eyes, itching rashes, coughing, and wheezing. Many people do not notice that they have an allergic reaction, but these are the symptoms.

Like we said, mold is one of the causes of allergies. Mold thrives in moist areas of the house, such as bathrooms and basement. It’s not the black Grammy stuff growing on the tile grout that causes the allergic irritation but the reproductive spores it produces that are carried through the air. 

Cockroaches. More than half of the people afflicted with allergies or allergic to cockroaches and their droppings. If you have cockroaches, they are normally evident in the kitchen.. Most cockroaches are in the kitchen due to all the trash and meat juice left over from food.

Pollen allergies are a seasonal problem, normally occurring in the spring and the fall when pollen invade your home through open doors and windows. Pollen is common in homes. Many people breathe it in and it causes allergic reactions such as sneezing and runny nose.

Does my stain on the skin cells that you shed every day. That’s why they thrive wherever you spend the most time in such as your bed, pillows, and your favorite stuffed chair. They produce about 20 tiny pallets of waste a day that contain a protein that many people are allergic to. Mites thrive in humid conditions, especially carpeting placed on a concrete floor.