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Cleaning tips for my neighbors in San Diego


Bicycles may be as easy as cleaning your car maybe even easier. It all depends on how dirty your bicycle is. mountain bikes and road bikes use about the same techniques when it comes to cleaning them. Except mountain bikes are most likely to be more dirty.

Many bikes can be easily washed with hose. For more serious stains use a brush and a bit of dish soap to scrub off dirt or stains.


Blankets can be easily put in the washer machine with other blankets and put in the dryer. Too have extra care hand wash them and let them air dry. When it comes to hand washing you could use the regular detergent you use to machine- wash them.


No matter what your blinds are made of you should always dust them as the first step of your cleaning. After you have dusted your blinds you want to go over it with a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Close the blinds fully and clean one side. After that turn the blinds to the other side and repeat the same process. If your blinds are made of synthetic material like vinyl or from metal with a baked on coating. After that you can wash it with a cleaner like windex and a soft cloth.


Bids are susceptible to bacteria which means that they can and most likely breed into birdbaths. Because of that regular cleaning is necessary. Birdbaths should be scrubbed with a sponge once a week with a scrub brush or sponge. Change the water every few days. In summer, it is recommended to change the water daily. It is important to rid your birdbath of any chemicals. Avoid using cleaning solutions and soap, if you do use soap make sure to scrub thoroughly because birds are sensitive to chemicals.

Bird feeders

You can clean your bird feeders every time it runs out of food. Just like bird baths make sure to clean thoroughly if you used soap because you can harm your birds.