Cleaning secrets

Cleaning Solutions with white Vinegar

Vinegar recommended as a green cleaning solution. Vinegar has been used to reduce microbes in slaughterhouse.

Important information: Red wine or cider vinegar should be avoided. May cause staining. Use white distilled vinegar for cleaning. Here is some examples how you can use vinegar:

Windows – with a solution one tablespoon of vinegar to two cups of warm water. Start from top to bottom. On inside of windows and from side to side on outside.

Discouraging ants – If you have ands or other insects in your home. Find the way where they crossing. If you pour vinegar across the opening sill, it should stop them from crossing.

Removing calcium buildup from brickwork – use a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water. After let it set. This solution will do work. 

Removing diesel smelling from your clothes. That clothes will smell as diesel. Not pleasant at all. Add a little bit vinegar in the washing machine. It will help take smell out. 

Carpet cleaning – Use 2 tablespoons per half gallon of water. To rinse your carpet after shampooing. Your carpet will stay fresh longer. 

Cleaning cutting boards – Wipe down with vinegar. It will clean them. Cut grease and absorb odors. 

The refrigerator – You can wash refrigerator with equal parts of water and vinegar. 

Disinfectant – Germs in the bathroom you can kill. Apply liberally mixing vinegar and water from spritzer bottle. 

Windows wash solution:

2,5 cup of water 

3 tablespoons white distilled vinegar 

0,5 teaspoon liquid soap 

Shake the ingredients in a bottle. Spray it on and remove with a paper towel. 

Make sure you put label on a bottle.