Cleaning Chandeliers

The Casin of camcorders may be wiped with a soft dry cloth. Make sure you don’t use any household cleaning products. Use a commercial lens cleaner made for cameras or camcorders. To clean the heads you should use a heads cleaner. Head cleaners can be bought at electronic stores. If you own a camcorder you should also own a plastic bag. The reason for this is because you can wrap your camcorder with a plastic bag to keep rain or other moisture from getting in. Never use a glass cleaner like Windex to clean you leans’. Don’t use your saliva because you may rust components.

                          Can Openers
You can clean removable parts from an electric can opener in the dishwasher. Use a toothbrush  and some dishwashing detergent to debunk the cutter if the parts are not removable. You can clean the exterior with a damp cloth and some dishwashing detergent, once you have done that get another damp cloth and wipe it down. Make sure it is dry. Dont forget to unplug the can opener before cleaning it.

Chandeliers attract a lot of dust and loose dirt. Run a feather duster lightly over the chandelier (for light cleaning). To clean glass and crystal prisms, it is best if you remove individual ones. Be carful not to twist or snap the wires of the chandelier. To clean the prisms use a spray glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Twisting the chandelier might unscrew it so be carful. Place a something beneath the chandelier so that if it falls it has a soft landing and hopefully none of the prisms break.