Cleaning secrets

How to clean Barbecue Grills


As you know there are many things you have to be cautious about while being up in you attic. A tip is to dress comfortably while up in your attic.  Make sure to watch out for nails because roofers sometimes drive nails through thin roofs making the sharp end of the nails pop out through the other side. You may also want to be careful while walking so that you don’t hit yourself against one of the beams.

We recommend using dust masks while cleaning your attic so that you don’t inhale the dust. As we have said before make sure to carry an extra light bulb just in case the original light bulb doesn’t work. NEVER ever cover your walls so you don’t trap heat inside/within the walls of your attic. 


Many residential awnings are made of woven fabric, either canvas, or synthetic fibers. Periodic cleaning will keep them looking good. Awnings should be cleaned every five to seven months. The reason for this is to remove dust, grime, and other atmospheric residue. 

Speed tips: some awnings may be easily removed from their frames. If you have this type , it may pay to take the awning down and give it a good cleaning on the ground, using the same cleaning methods as above.

Barbecue Grills

We all know that when it comes to barbecue grills there will always be grease and gunk after a couple of feasts. A technique is to pay attention to the flames. If the flames are blue then you should be fine but if the flames are a red orange then it means that the tubes or burner is dirty.

Once a year brush the burner with a wire brush and poke each burner hole with a nail or drill bit to clear away gunk. You should obviously only do this when the grill is cool enough that it is safe to clean it. Venturi tubes should be checked at least once a year for any spiders. Spiders love building nests inside venturi tubes.