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Amazing Cleaning Solution “Vinegar”

Let me introduce “Vinegar” that product discovered more than 10,000 years ago.  Ancient people used vinegar as a condiment, medicine, antibiotic and preservative. Also some people have been aware of the wide benefits of vinegar. For example for hygiene and disinfection. 

Leonardo da Vinci knew about effects of vinegar. He widely used vinegar for various needs. For example as a solvent for glue. Also he knew vinegar would dissolve the papyrus and the information written on it. 

Today everyone know vinegar as a cleaning solution that you can use cleaning and laundry. For household we use only white vinegar. Also we need to add some water. If you mix vinegar and water in the right proportions. Then pour the liquid into a jar with a spray bottle. You will get a wonderful cleanser for different surfaces.

Prepared water with vinegar for cleaning has a antibacterial effect. Destroys microbes and bacteria from surfaces as countertops and floor.  It is the vinegar solution use a lot of professional restaurants, pastry shops and bakeries. Where the use of cleaning chemicals is prohibited. Self-prepared water with vinegar for cleaning has a mild antibacterial effect. Destroys microbes and bacteria. The vinegar the main cleaning solution in restaurants, bakeries, and pastry shops where the use of cleaning chemicals is prohibited.

The smell that gives water with vinegar to clean the apartment discourages many from use. In fact, in a matter of minutes, after the surface dries with vinegar water.  In addition helping to keep the indoor air neutral.  For example by putting a glass of vinegar overnight in the room where they cut the fish, or in the refrigerator. All the unpleasant smells in the morning will disappear.