time for cleaning

All in the Time

An example of what some daily schedules look like are like this. Make beds, wash dishes, clean table, wipe counter tops, vacuum, and mop.

Weekly schedules might look like this. Wash dishes, vacuum, mop, dust furniture, empty trash cans, and change bed sheets. 

Monthly schedules usually include dust house, vacuum, clean out fridge, clean windows, and clean mirrors.

People are often shocked in how much we can accomplish in a little amount of time. you can spend less time cleaning if you get right on to your task. What professional cleaners do. At First a professional cleaner has a clear idea of what needs to be done.

Add a list of chores you want to get done and mark the ones you have finished them.

As a professional cleaner do not try to deal with people underfoot it is best if you work alone. Like that you won’t have distractions. Don’t spend time focusing on non related topics. it will waste time. If you have a professional coming over to clean your home. You can help by picking up a little the day before.

After you have completed reward yourself for being responsible. Appreciate what you have done and keep it up.