Acrylic fabric is pretty easy to clean. Since it is easy to clean many people use it to clean many things such as furniture, and solid items. You can use a piece of old cloth to clean any furniture or materials. We do recommend using a piece of cloth you don’t need or want anymore. The reason for that is because if you use cloth you still want or like it can get very dirty and no longer useful.

TECHNIQUE: To clean the piece of cloth you used to clean. We recommend washing it with warm water, soap, and leave it in a washing machine. After you have washed it you want to place it in a dryer or leave it out to dry. If you are using a dryer quickly get it out and lay it on a flat surface to cool for a while before using it again.

SPEED TIPS: If you need a quick general cleaning we recommend using an acrylic upholstery, sponge with water, or use a spot remover such as K2r or carbona stain devils. These items are available at supermarkets, hardware stores, and even discount department stores. ALWAYS read labels or instructions because there can always be something you don’t know about the product.

CAUTION: If this particular fabric has an Achilles heel you want to make sure to not let it get to hot. Again always make sure to read the labels/instructions. You have to be aware of everything about the product.

INFO: Another thing you want to be aware about is the products you mix with it. Life is full of surprises. You may never know the things that can happen. It may even set on fire. Who knows?