Month: July 2020


Alabaster is a soft stone that can and will easily be damaged by water. So if you do decide to clean it with water please proceed with caution. Technique: When it comes to cleaning alabaster it is best to dust it with a soft dry cloth. When it has heavy dirt it is much more …

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We all need a touch of decoration for our home. Something that will bring the looks of your home together. For most people an aquarium brings the joy into their home. Although it might be beautiful and creative we do have to warn you that an aquarium is an inherently unnatural environment for fish. If …

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Acrylic fabric

Acrylic fabric is pretty easy to clean. Since it is easy to clean many people use it to clean many things such as furniture, and solid items. You can use a piece of old cloth to clean any furniture or materials. We do recommend using a piece of cloth you don’t need or want anymore. …

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