Month: June 2020

Air Cleaners

Mechanical air cleaners can include tabletop and floor models as well as larger filters that operate in conjunction with central heating an air conditioning systems.

Keep your artifacts clean and safe

When it comes to old antiques you have to be extra careful on how you care for them or clean them. Keeping antiques safe means keeping them away from harm. I mean you can’t clean antiques if you no longer have them. You shouldn’t clean your antiques aggressively because it is most likely to wipe …

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Acoustical Tiles

Let’s talk about the floors of your home. I mean we use it to walk and place items on it. The real question is how do we clean it right? Or how do we clean it better? We all know that you can of course mop your floors. Of course the right way to clean …

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An allergy busting schedule

If you have allergies to indoor pollutant like mold or dust mites, you have probably been told to keep your house as clean as possible. Supplement your regular cleaning schedule with the following tasks to keep Allergens at bay. Clean daily and make sure to clean the fan, open the window, make sure that walls …

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